Twitter and Blog Lists


Audrey Johns @tonetiki: Audrey Johns is the founder of Lose Weight By Eating, a blog full of her own personal healthy meals, and a professional weight-loss coach.

Cassandra Bodzak @cassandrabodzak: Cassandra Bodzak is a healthy living coach that tweets recipes that shes created for her clients.

crave_DFW @Crave_DFW: Crave DFW is a small group of food enthusiasts located in Dallas.

Dallas Foodie @Dallas_Foodie: Dallas Foodie is run by Danielle Glick who is a social media director for companies in Dallas. This is her personal twitter used for food reviews.

Eat Well, Eat Cheap @eatwelleatcheap: Eat Well, Eat Cheap is a twitter account based off of a blog about “frugal-but-good cooking”.

Clean Eating @EatCleanCollege: A college version of Clean Eating that posts healthy, easy to follow recipes.



Lose Weight By Eating ( Lose Weight By Eating is run by Audrey Johns. She posts recipes that she uses in her own kitchen and aided her in losing 150 pounds, then keeping the weight off. She is now a professional weight-loss coach and uses these recipes in her weight-loss programs.

Crave DFW ( Crave DFW is a blog that focuses on music, art, and food in the DFW area. It is edited by a few individuals who all live in Dallas and have experience with careers in either food, music, or art.

Budget Bytes ( Budget Bytes is a personal-turned-professional blog that attempts to make delicious recipes in the most budget friendly way possible. Each post comes with a total cost and a per portion cost as well as instructions on how to make it.

Skinny Taste ( Skinny Taste is run by Gina Homolka who started a simple, personal blog to share her recipes, and turned it into a professional, award winning, cooking blog.


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