Affordable, DIY Juice Cleanse and it’s Fantastic Benefits

I was slightly hesitant to jump on board the juice cleanse train, which consists of three days of nothing but fresh juices and water. But with so many doctors, celebrities, and local bloggers swearing by the numerous benefits of juice cleansing, which Dr. Woodson Merrell describes here, I figured I would give it a try.

I was worried about the cost of a juice cleanse since most companies charge at least $100 for three days worth of juice, so I decided to snag my parents juicer and make my own. I started off at UTD’s dining hall and stocked up on some of the fruits and vegetables they offer there. I then headed to my local grocery store to buy anything I couldn’t find in the dining hall. My final grocery list and bill looked like this:

  • apples (free from the dining hall)
  • 2 bags of spinach ($5.98)
  • mixed greens (free from the dining hall)
  • 1 large package of carrots ($0.99)
  • cucumber (free from the dining hall)
  • 2 ginger root ($2.30)
  • 2 parsley ($0.69)
  • cinnamon ($2.49)
  • almond milk ($1.49)
  • 8 grapefruit ($3.99)
  • 4 limes ($1.56)
  • 2 pineapples ($4.98)

Not bad for three days worth of “food”. These groceries were enough to make all 18 juices I would need to last for three days. The night before my first day of juice cleansing, I gathered six bottles and went ahead and made all six juices for the next day for convenience. I didn’t follow any specific juice recipes, however Juice Recipes offers a large selection delicious recipes that I often use.

On day one I awoke and immediately craved my morning coffee and oatmeal, but I resisted and went for my breakfast juice instead. Pre-juicing and bottling made it easy for me to grab additional juices before I headed to class. After my breakfast and mid-morning juices, I was expecting to be on the verge of starvation, but surprisingly, I wasn’t. I felt as normal as ever the rest of the day.

On day two I woke up before my alarm clock, which never happens, and felt energized and perky, which also never happens. I was no longer craving caffeine or carbs and was looking forward to my day of juices. I felt energized the entire day, even through my long classes, work out, and homework.

On day three I was disappointed that this would be my last day of juice cleansing. My body was feeling better than it ever had. I had much more energy and I felt light and lean. My skin was extra clear and looked overall healthier, and I was no longer having unhealthy cravings for sugar and soda.

So at the end of my juice cleansing experience, I would say that the benefits are absolutely worth it. Even if you feel like the healthiest person in the world, a juice cleanse will only make you feel even better, and get you on track for living a healthier lifestyle.


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