Why You Shouldn’t Buy Kale Chips

Now don’t get me wrong, I love kale. I love everything about kale. Not only is kale filled with antioxidants, vitamin k, and other nutrients that you can read about here, but you can do so many things with it; salads, stir-fries, and my personal favorite, chips. But as good as kale chips are, you shouldn’t buy them.

During a recent trip to my local Whole Foods, I came across bags of pre-packaged kale chips, which I had never seen before. They were in delicious, tempting flavors like barbecue, ranch, and sea salt and vinegar. But as I reached for a bag to add to my cart, my eyes scanned the price tag. Nine dollars? For a tiny package of kale chips that I would eat in one sitting? And even worse, the full size bags were starting at eleven dollars. But the health nut in me couldn’t resist so I splurged and bought a small pack anyways. Mistake. I was highly disappointed. The ranch flavor was extremely artificial and overly salty, and the kale wasn’t crisp and flaky like fresh baked kale. It was crunchy, almost like granola. Overall, the pre-packaged kale chips had absolutely no resemblance to the fresh kale chips I had eaten elsewhere. I decided to try another brand around the same price (I couldn’t find many cheaper options that looked any better) to see if the extra money would be worth the pre-packaged convenience, but I came across the same problems; artificial flavor and artificial texture for an insanely high price.

Buying pre-packaged kale chips just isn’t worth it. Rather than buying a large bag of chips for eleven dollars, you can buy one bunch of organic kale for two dollars, which will make a large bags worth. All you need is one bunch of kale, an oil of your choice, and seasonings of your choice. And if you’re nervous about finding a good kale chip flavor, you can follow my favorite kale chip recipe. Your homemade chips will be more fresh, delicious, and cost effective than buying kale chips off the shelf.


One thought on “Why You Shouldn’t Buy Kale Chips

  1. I’m going to have to give this recipe a try. We’re big kale lovers too, but most of the kale chip recipes we have tried haven’t cut it, and we don’t want the store bought chips either!

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