Editing Wikipedia

This seemed like the simplest blog post I’d ever have to do. Edit a wikipedia page and track it? Not a problem. I was wrong. It’s not that it was difficult, it was just extremely annoying.

First of all, finding a wikipedia page relevant to my blog topic that was really in need of an edit was next to impossible. Every page I tried had more than enough content, citations, and was free of grammatical errors. I was hoping I would be able to make an edit on a page that would actually add content and make a difference, but I shortly realized that wouldn’t be happening.

After a lot of searching, I came to the “Paleolithic Diet” page, which was slightly relevant to my blog topic since it’s a new diet fad that’s supposedly healthy. The paleo diet is essentially eating like a cave man. If you want to learn more about the paleo diet, Mercola does an excellent interview with Dr. Loren Cordain that explains the diet more in depth. After scanning, I saw a sentence that needed a citation. Finally, a page that actually needed an edit. I added in my citation and waited to see how the other users of Wikipedia would respond.

I was expecting a pretty fast response. While I did add an accurate citation, I changed the paragraphs. I edited the last sentence of one paragraph and accidentally deleted the space that made the next paragraph. So it was basically one huge block of text.

In the end, no one edited my edit and my citation still stands and you can see it here under the “Opposing Viewpoints” section. However someone did fix my giant paragraph to be two normal paragraphs. I believe the key to actively participating on Wikipedia is to edit only things that truly need editing, and only editing topics that you actually have some accurate knowledge about.


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