True Food Kitchen

When I heard that a True Food Kitchen was opening in Dallas, I knew I would have to go immediately. They have everything I could ever want in a restaurant; healthy, nutritious, and extremely delicious food. And I might have to say this is now my favorite restaurant.

True Food Kitchen was started on an anti-inflammatory diet based menu, but then expanded to dedicating themselves to health food in general, making their mission statement “honest food that tastes really good”. They even have portions of their menu dedicated to being vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free. Those at True Food Kitchen are really dedicated to giving you food that’ll help you feel better, feel healthier, and feed your body with essential nutrients through their organic foods. You can read their “about” page here to better understand their goals for their food.

When I went to True Food Kitchen I was overwhelmed with the menu. I would’ve tried every item on the menu if I could have. Even their drinks are spectacular. I started with the seasonal sparkling tea which I now have dreams about because it was that good. For an appetizer I ordered the edamame dumplings which were served with a truffle oil and filled with an edamame puree. They were easily some of the best dumplings I’ve ever had and since they were steamed, unlike most dumplings which are fried, I didn’t have to feel guilty about eating them.

For my entree I ordered the asparagus and artichoke pizza. All of the toppings tasted fresh and everything was cooked perfectly. It was honestly one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had, and it’s a recipe I’ll definitely try making at home in the near future. I finished my meal with a lemon tart that was topped with a strawberry and coconut whipped cream, which also tasted extremely fresh. Every component of the tart was made with fresh fruit rather than syrups or preserves.

While True Food Kitchen may be a bit pricey, the portions are large and I ended up making two meals out of what I ordered. And the price is worth the fresh, organic ingredients they use and the delicious, healthy dishes they prepare. And their menu is so extensive that almost anyone could find a food they would enjoy, so I would recommend True Food Kitchen to absolutely everyone in the Dallas area. It’s really that good.


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