The Superfood You Should Add to Every Meal

I’m a little skeptical when it comes to “superfoods” and the superfood craze, especially since so many nutritionists can’t agree on what defines a superfood and which foods meet the qualifications. However, if super foods are a thing, avocados are definitely one of them.

I’ve always loved avocado just for the taste, but after learning about all of their amazing health benefits, I’ve started eating them on a daily basis. First off, they’re filled with Vitamin E, which is composed of antioxidants, and Vitamin B6, which promotes skin health. Avocados also help your body absorb Carotenoids, which are high in Vitamin A and promote heart health. But the best thing about the avocado is that it’s full of monounsaturated fats. Many people avoid avocados because of their fat content, however, that is the reason you should be eating them. Monounsaturated fats are a good fat that can lower cholesterol, promote heart health, and will also keep you feeling full a lot longer and prevent you from over-eating.

Avocado is surprisingly easy to add to every meal. It can also be used to replace unhealthy ingredients. You can start your morning with these avocado pancakes which use no butter or oil thanks to the moisture of the avocado. My favorite avocado lunch recipe has to be chicken salad sandwiches. I use my favorite chicken salad recipe, which consists of shredded chicken, had boiled chopped eggs, apples, and bacon, and instead of mixing it with mayonnaise, I mix it with mashed avocado. Not only does it replace the bad fat from mayo with good fat from avocado, but it also just tastes a lot better.

Another one of my favorite recipes is avocado mac and cheese. I know it sounds slightly unappetizing, I thought so too at first, but it’s easily one of the best healthy mac and cheese substitutes I’ve ever tasted. You can find the recipe here. And to finish off your day of avocados, you can add avocado to your desserts. Avocado mixes well into frosting, cakes, cookies, popsicles, and just about every other dessert. Try out this recipe for dark chocolate avocado cookies for a healthy dessert alternative.


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